MediaTakeOut Beyonce

BeyonceDid NOT fake her pregnancy with Blue Ivy.

MediaTakeOut, a willfully ignorant webloid run mostly (it seems) to trick people with sensational click-bait, can’t seem to grasp this.

Back in 2011, the site

When Blue Ivy turned out to be very real, MTO weirdly .

The blog’s on Beyonce continued in the time since, because MediaTakeOut is .

On Monday, three years after it first tried to dupe people into believing Beyonce faked her pregnancy, the site tried again.

This time, MediaTakeOut points to Beyonce and Jay Z’s new HBO special “On The Run, ” which included some images of a pregnant Beyonce.

“Well her belly button looks different – and the belly looks very ‘shiny, '” notes MTO. “We’re still NOT CONVINCED she gave birth to Blue.”

It’s time to be “convinced.”

Beyonce was pregnant with Blue Ivy and gave birth to Blue Ivy and Blue Ivy is a real baby who exists.

Absolutely NOTHING in the past three years has changed this.

Women’s belly buttons change when they’re pregnant.

That might be why Beyonce’s belly button “looks different” in those pictures.

Because she was pregnant.

With a baby.

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