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Definition for mass Media

"Media scholars as well as the public frequently use the terms “mass communication” and “mass media”, but the meaning of these terms is often ambiguous. While it is assumed that everyone knows what these terms mean, the few scholars who attempt to define these terms struggle to capture the essence of their meaning without including elements that are faulty, and this task is becoming even
more difficult in the new media environment. We are left with the troubling question: What are the “mass” media? This review constructs an answer to this question in a four step process. The first step features a critical analysis of the literature to identify definitional elements used by scholars. These definitional elements are subjected to four screens that evaluate their utility in a second step. The third step adds elements missing from the literature so as to make the eventual definition more useful in the new media environment. Finally, the fourth step features the construction of a working definition of “mass” media."

Interesting facts
  • The Jahrbuch Medien und Geschichte (English: "Yearbook for Media and History") is an annual academic journal covering the history of mass media. It is the official journal of the "Studienkreis Rundfunk und Geschichte", a scientific association that was founded in 1968. Every yearbook has a single, unified theme. The contributions are not...
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